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1) Thomas Chaser 
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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 09:51 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Margot wrote: "That's how people prefer to view films in these fast post-post modern times. In the comfort of their homes, on their gigantic screens, in HD and so on."

You're right. With the introduction of "smart tv" which can connect to the Internet for video streaming, you can expect more and more sales to start that way and then later result in DVD or downloads when people decide to add your movies to their "permanent library".


Ed, that's exactly what makes the Milgram films so horrifying (yet sexy) for me; the fact that these are normal girls answering an advert to participate in an experiment and they end up torturing and humiliating another girl they only just met a few minutes earlier. They do it not because they intended to be cruel from the get-go, but because they are told to do it as the experiment goes along. For me, its interesting to see their psychological breakdown - how far they will go before they start to question the cruelty of what they are being told to do. Then, of course, there is the horror of what is being done to the victim of the whipping. One horror feeds the other until the demon inside is satiated.

It sort of lends credence to Eichmann's defense.
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