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1) Reine Margot 
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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 04:54 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

The new path taken: Streaming!

Not long ago I mentioned that one of our trailers in YouTube had over one million views. 1,300,000 to be exact!. That's considered viral, isn't it? That brought one big question. So many views should translate in some decent sales of the film, right? Sadly that's not the case.

And then there's this other issue. Amy found out just recently that her YouTube channel, which is our official channel, by the way, that's where we promote our movies, has over 2 million views!

This means that a lot of people are viewing our trailers in our now very famous channel. Over two million views makes us kind of famous. Well known, at least. So, now to my point. All those viewers have to mean something. And what it means is that there's a lot of people out there who might be interested in viewing our movies but who do not want to buy a DVD or a Download. So... what if they do have a chance to view the film for a very affordable price? Would we get a lot of viewers? Maybe a thousand, maybe more?... That's the question we have in our minds now. Why? Because we're beginning to do just that. We're offering our films for streaming in Vimeo:

Dead But Dreaming

Dead But Dreaming - Trailer from VermeerWorks on Vimeo.


Olalla - Trailer from VermeerWorkson Vimeo.

The interesting thing is that minutes after we put Dead But Dreaming on Vimeo, we had a couple of rentals and what's more interesting, very soon after we sold copies of the film. Does that mean that those who viewed the film on Vimeo decided to have a copy of it to keep? We don't know for sure, it could be a coincidence.

But there it is. We're taking the future by the horns. That's how people prefer to view films in these fast post post modern times. In the comfort of their homes, on their gigantic screens, in HD and so on. But they don't want to have a huge library on their living rooms, or fill up hard disks with data. No, they prefer to view the film once, and if they like it enough, view it again... and so on. Like we do. The future is the present. Plainly. So... we're planning a lot of streaming and maybe even go to television with our productions.

We're very busy setting all our mainstream films in Vimeo, and I mean all them, except, maybe, Maleficarum. Why? Because Maleficarum is not having a problem finding a large audience. It's audience just keeps finding it on their own. It must be because it is, really, the best inquisition film ever.


The films that will remain for the time being in DVD and Download form are all of our Red Feline Catalogue movies. The reason is obvious, companies such as Vimeo, have some policies regarding content and we don't really want to test their boundaries. So.. films like Agent X will remain at Red Feline.

Now some more news

I saw on FB that some people are sharing pictures of themselves with the new issue of Fangoria, #340, where OLALLA is a big feature. FEATURE: “OLALLA” Filmmaker/actress Amy Hesketh faced another trial by fire while telling of a bloodsucking brood. We would love it if you would do the same. Get the magazine, let us know what you think of the featured article and share a picture with us. That would be nice, right?

We are full steam in the pre-production of Pymalion and Justine. I believe we'll start production the first week of May. The hard part right now are the locations and the props. In the case of Pymalion, we're waiting for permits for several locations and the bureaucrats are driving us crazy and in the case of Justine, we still have some props to put together, as well as locations to be secured. But we're going full steam. In either case, we need loads of cash and we're working our hardest to put the monies together.

Visit our sites: Red Feline Store, Red Feline Downloads, VermeerWorks and help us make YOUR dreams and fantasies come true.

I'll have more exciting news when the cameras start rolling!

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