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1) Thomas Chaser 
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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 08:17 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Ralphus wrote: Thanks for the interview with Pedro. So there will be a third "Milgrim" film...that's a positive thing. And I loved Pedro's answer as to why they're doing a third film: the first 2 were successful and they're trying to make money. Why else do filmmakers make sequels anyway? As long as they can do another high quality production, I say go for it.

The cute assistant is back as a blonde now: She doesn't look much like Christina Ricci anymore now. Why do women with perfect looks feel the need to change them? But even as a bleach blonde, she still looks pretty cute. Does the fact that she's tied up in the last picture mean she'll be playing a victim this time around?

Of the movies that both Elite Pain and Mood Pictures have put out, the "Milgram Experiment" films are my favorite because they work as both a horror film and an erotic film. The actresses who are cast as the students know that they are going to be whipped, but they don't know how much or how long because that is in the control of the teacher. The teacher is completely oblivious to the fact that they are the one being tested and not the student. For me, this makes it as much a psychological horror as a physical one ("physical" being the beating and the gore; "psychological" being the loss of control to protect against the depravities of even the most innocent mind).

I had asked Pedro some time ago if there was going to be a third "Milgram" film and he said no, he wanted to explore other ideas first. I then convinced him to try a Roman theme for his "History of Pain" series but Lomp got to it first and, well, we see where that went. I thought Pedro would simply change the HOP time period to something like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia (which I thought would be simple in Eastern Europe) or Middle East or Native American or any of the other genres illustrated by Covers' artwork postings. So, I was a little surprised when he told me he was doing another Milgram film.

I like the new "torture room" part with the panels; not so much the Construction tape part (a biohazard warning would be more appropriate in my opinion). Also, if you look at the teaser pic, the two women behind the still-cute Ricci-Gone-Blonde assistant: the one with the bangs is a professional dom so you know she can swing a whip without mercy. The one standing next to her, also in black, is the one that tested as both a dom and a sub so maybe we'll see her in both roles in the movie. It'd be interesting to see. As for whether Ricci-Gone-Blonde gets whipped, I doubt it. She strikes me as being more of a professional actress than a bondage model. Pedro likes to cast pro actors in non-nude roles to elevate the quality of the film. But, a boy can dream can't he!

Just to remember how great the first "Milgram" film really was, here is one of my favorite parts from it. The idea that someone could be convinced that stripping an innocent person and humiliating her would be for her own benefit is chilling.
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