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1) Thomas Chaser 
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 11:21 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Top row, left to right: "The Milgram Experiment", "The Milgram Experiment 2". Bottom row, left to right: "The Milgram Experiment 2" first trial, "The Milgram Experiment 3", teaser.

I recently had the idea to interview Pedro about his next Mood Pictures film; particularly after seeing Elite Pain's "Rome". I asked him five short questions and he was kind enough to give his answers. Read and enjoy!

1) Why did you decide to make a third installment in the "Milgram Experiment" series?

Pedro: We are capitalists. Because the first two editions were equally popular, we thought that since the trends are so good with that idea then we should continue it. It required very little investment in pre-production work (since both the know-how and the props were ready with only a little necessary rebuilding). Also, just when I was thinking about the third installment of History Of Pain to be a Roman episode, Max (Lomp) stole the 'subject' and made one of our worst selling releases: “ROME - Revenge of Ultrix”, so I didn't find it appealing to work on another Roman release at this time. Of course I have several other ideas for upcoming Mood Pictures films, including another History of Pain episode. I had to decide on using one of my totally new ideas or use an idea that was popular with our fans. I decided to go with the popular idea.

2) How is this one different from the first two films?

Pedro: There is a little more serious design of the lab (Editor note: it looks similar to Labbeus Woods “Neomechanical Tower; Upper Chamber”). I decided to bring back Max Lomp as the professor instead of using the actor we used in Milgram 2 because Max is better in that role. The cute assistant is back, but she dyed her hair to bright blonde (so she may not be recognizable) but she did a good job as the assistant in the first two films so I am using her again for the third one. Otherwise it is pretty much similar to the earlier ones. I didn’t want to take too many chances and ruin a good formula.

3) Do you think you were able to capture the same quality of performance in this film as you did for the previous two films?

Pedro: I cannot tell you this at the moment. I will be able to tell more about it during the editing process.

4) What surprised you the most (good and bad) about the film, either while filming it or during the editing?

Pedro: I didn't expect the assistant girl to change so significantly. She didn't change earlier between her 3 appearance at Mood Pictures (“Sentenced to Corporal Punishment” and the two Milgram films) so this change was rather unexpected, and to be honest, at least for me, negative.

5) Tell us a little bit about the actresses you cast for this film.

Pedro: At first, I was going to cast three new girls to the series and one returning girl who had done the Milgram films before as students, but then, during the actual filming, I decided FIVE new girls should used as the subjects of the experiments. They have been in other films for us, but never in a Milgram film. One was a domina for us in our early days but we had a misunderstanding and ended our cooperation. Now she is back. Another girl tested in both roles as sub and domina and was good in both. At this moment I don’t want to solve this puzzle for fans who have seen Milgram 1 & 2, yet. :) Some surprising things happened during the shooting, and I will tell you more about them later....
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