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Monday, 27 April 2015 12:17 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Catching up on some recent posts...

Torquemada (Post 6593): Great post about burning at the stake, although I'm not sure how much of what you wrote was based on fact and how much is a BATS lover's fantasy. BTW, that artwork you posted was based on a manip that my friend Mad Viking did years ago of a large-breasted model named Chloe.


Gog wrote (Post 6585):

What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?

I love that joke. Heard it a hundred times and it's still funny, simply because it's so politically incorrect. How can you make a joke about beating up women? Well, tell me this isn't funny:


Erodite's bodyguard asked (about a recent daily pic):

But why is the urinal there? For the joke?

If you notice the English translated text on the video box, it reads "Meat pot female of the existence that is lower than a buried toilet stool." I'm not sure what a "meat pot female" is, but I think it's meant to be a humiliation thing, which I absolutely love. Japanese are big on humiliation, and I've seen entire videos where their girls are transformed into actual toilets (literally) and it's hot stuff, although obviously not for every taste.


Quoom: That's an awesome artwork, thank you. I haven't seen any other artist tackle that particular torture, which seems to be exclusive to the Japanese. It's a simple but extremely painful way to make a girl suffer; I've seen it done in JAV videos and there always deep red trenches across the girl's legs after being forced to endure that particular treatment.


JD wrote:

Last noteworthy scene from The Scarehouse (2014). It involves electricity and is so dumb in its conception that negates (to me) every little inch of interest. Why the good looking victim doesn't throw the hair-dryer sideways it's beyond me. Ufff, finally I finished going through this atrocity of a movie.

I agree, they did just about everything wrong in this film. To me, it's an early candidate for the Bill Zebub Award. I checked it out a few months back after reading Dmon rant and rave about how stupid the premise was for the electric shock scene. Well, he was right, they totally blew it.

Actually, the scene does have a payoff of sorts a few minutes later, although not as satisfying as it should have been. Since you didn't clip that section, allow me.

Scarehouse - 2 from Richard Jewell on Vimeo.


Dubby is actually Balthazar: Wow, I should have picked up on the similarities in the style. I thought it looked familiar. I'll give myself half credit when I noted that he definitely had a real talent for this stuff.

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