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Damn, she looks good

Normally I'm not in favor of hunting, but I might make an exception here

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Sunday, 14 April 2019 10:54 AM Permalink

Re 33205 Navyrotor;

Ah the good old game of "how could this have been improved"! I often think about how scenes of movies, pictures, books, whatever could have been improved. Not always but often in a GIMP way. I once even started rewriting a cheap detective novel's last chapters to make it as it should have been. And even a great GIMP movie like I Spit on your Grave 2 could have benefitted from some changes. I would actually suggest Ralphus dedicated a separate archive of the forum to the discussion of "how it should have been" issues.

As for the case you propose:

1) - Arms-overhead
AOH is great, but so is strappado. Lift the rope at least 10-12 inches, however.

2) - On her tiptoes
No argument here

3) - Chains or steel cuffs instead of rope
Actually rope has something going for it... with metal it rarely gives the impression of being tight enough

4) - Super strong nipple clamps, chain between them
For a single pic, no. For a video, they can be placed and then removed.

5) - Panel gag instead of ball gag
For a pic, ball gag, ring gag, bit gag are all fine. For a video, better to hear her scream.

6) - Wet her down
No issue here.

7) - Stun baton instead of whip
Again, in a video why chose when you can have both, one at a time?
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