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1) Navyrotor 
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Friday, 12 April 2019 05:32 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

33175 ~ Gog:

Wow, Sir - thanks for posting that short production. While I like torture to have a point (therefore my affinity for interrogation), I also love this kind of sick, twisted story, in which an innocent young victim is tortured for no good reason at all.

Granted this is a short, indie film, but there could have been so much more done with this - nudity, longer scenes of her crying and begging, and enhanced dialogue... an example of the latter is the missed opportunity when the woman asks her husband, “What’s her name?” He replies “Hope.” At that point, as the wife then pulls her head back she should have got right in her face with the chin grab and said, “Pretty name, for a pretty, little thing... unfortunately ‘Hope’ is the one thing you no longer have, darling!” - followed of course by a loving sigh, a forced kiss, then a harsh back-handed slap, hard enough to knock her chair over.

Still, this was a seriously cute victim, who provides some lovely, scared looks for us... and the wife gives us some cruel, heartless glances to go with her obvious sexual gratification in seeing this hot girl suffer.

Great stuff - any more out there like this?
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