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Damn, she looks good

Normally I'm not in favor of hunting, but I might make an exception here

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1) Pedro 
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Friday, 12 April 2019 11:46 AM Permalink

Stev wrote: Any chance that I can get my eyes on that? (Zazie's casting)

It seems you don't see my embedded animgifs.They should appear in a video box right in my posts. Are there any other people here who actually read my posts and when I refer to a clip supposed to be here you don't see anything?

Stev, click this link: you should see the short clip then: []

Larrysommers wrote: Its really interesting what you say about less girls wanting to shoot these movies in the last years.

Yes, I've been thinking a lot about this. Another explanation I've just came up with today... Ten years ago, when the lot of young girls showed up at our studio they could almost be sure that what we should with us will not be seen by their parents&friends. Our website were blocked in our country, and it was pretty rare that any of the girls got in "trouble"...

This has drastically changed since then. About ten years ago those x-tube sites started operating with pirated content. Now if a girl makes a video she can be almost sure that within a few months a relative/friends will message her with this message: LOL Look what I found about you... (and a link to a pirated tube video of our content) The girls are nowadays quite sure about that if they shoot with us, they will be seen by those whom they don't want to be seen by (naked)

The solution we found is to shoot with those who don't mind this: Porn Stars.

Daiko Duke wrote: I found a nice simulator of your game, I do not know if I can post the link but it is easily found by writing "pain factory lynoxes" in the search bar. Have you developed it?

No, I've never heard about it.
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