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Damn, she looks good

Normally I'm not in favor of hunting, but I might make an exception here

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1) Daiko Duke 
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Friday, 12 April 2019 08:38 AM Permalink

Hi Pedro,
thanks for the exhaustive and kind reply given. I'm sorry that almost all the series mentioned have reached their deadline, I understand your position and at least on Pain Factory you have left a few chinks. In this regard online I found a nice simulator of your game, I do not know if I can post the link but it is easily found by writing "pain factory lynoxes" in the search bar. Have you developed it? I ask you this because the four chapters published do not provide the complete list of all the present challenges and in particular nothing of the last sector has ever been revealed (if I am not mistaken Gaby Bouttal had stopped a challenge before) so I wanted to understand if he was reliable.

I had lost Zazie, thank you for having proposed it again.

A greeting
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