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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 09:24 PM Permalink

Milgram Experiment 3 Review

The rules are fairly simple, two participants, one the student, the other the teacher, draw envelopes that decide their role, The student is the one who must answer questions that the teacher asks. Each wrong answer brings punishment in the form of whip lashes or cane strokes, the number of which increases if the student continues to answer incorrectly. The executioners here are Lady Mia and Lady Jenny (RIP).

The first whipping scene begins with the girl topless and ready to receive lashes on her bare back. Her memory fails her for the first few words and she starts to receive lashes steadily. By the third wrong answer, she is howling loudly and her head drops down to the right as if she is exhausted already. After the 4th stroke of the cane, the student begs the teacher to stop, thankfully the action continues. By this point, the student is openly weeping and sobbing as the teacher holds her head in her hands, distress plain on her face. A special scene this was, teacher and student suffering jointly, one physically and the other psychologically…and when the caning begins…it just gets worse for the both of them..until the teacher can stand it no more and calls an end to the experiment.

The whipping of Suzy comes next; she is topless with stony determination in her eyes. This scene was shorter than the other two by a large margin, there isn’t a whole amount to see here. From beginning to end she is relatively quiet. The 4th stroke of the cane is especially vicious for little Suzy as she snaps her head back and grits her teeth for several seconds afterward. Unfortunately, her whipping is stopped prematurely (as she had a panic attack), over Katalin’s objections.

The next scene is of Lady Mia tending to Suzy’s wounds. Katalin teases Lady Mia about being a “Sadist,” this infuriates her and she retorts angrily. Katalin then storms off promising payback, which sets the stage for how Mia is convinced to become the student in order to save the film.

The whipping of Lady Mia comes around next, she is restrained as the other two were, but this time she is fully naked to begin with. The scene is so golden I must not spoil it…….suffice to say it makes for a very dramatic psychological thriller. It is particularly entertaining as Lady Mia begs Katalin to end the experiment more than once, yet her impassioned pleas for mercy and howls of pain go completely unheeded by the cold, sociopathic Katalin, who toys with her and then denies her any leniency. Also, after the 7th stroke of the cane, Lady Mia’s demeanor begins to change, somewhat, she finally realizes what a huge mistake she made. She stares at Katalin with a mixture of fear, disgust, and horror, as if finally beholding the monster who sat before her. Suffice to say she spends the rest of this scene silently begging Katalin for mercy with her eyes...and is completely denied.

I just love the way she shook her head in horrified disbelief as Katalin counts the 6th stroke, realizing that this is going to keep on going and going until Katalin says otherwise. Lady Mia is no longer a human being; she is nothing but a toy and an object for Katalin’s enjoyment! The scene is so intensely gripping by this point that it was as if there is nobody else present, no camera crew, no assistant, no executioner as if Mia was all alone with the beast who intended to devour her one piece at a time.

This scene alone is what makes the film worth buying, the interaction between the student and teacher …….between the victim and tormentor……..well, it is simply some of the finest ever featured in any of Pedro’s films. At the ending of the scene, the assistant lambasts and condemns Katalin for her sick and depraved cruelty as Lady Mia breaks down and cries, Katalin has the nerve to laugh as she knew the real purpose of the experiment all along.

In the end, this film wasn’t an absolute masterpiece, yet there was very little wrong with it.

Katalin……well this woman was pure evil, even more so than Lyen’s sister! When you think about it, Lyen’s sister had a legitimate motive to torture Ariel like she did in WoP 22, to avenge her sister’s honor. Katalin claimed to be offended by Mia referring to her as the “real sadist,” yet the truth soon becomes blatantly obvious. Katalin didn’t really care so much about being “insulted,” she was just looking for any excuse to further inflict harm on others.

Especially considering that Katalin read the word pairs too fast (deliberately) and then tried to cheat by implying Mia gave the wrong response. Throughout both whipping scenes she was present for, Katalin was totally indifferent in the plight of either party. Considering Katalin’s utter disregard for and delight in the suffering of others, I was astonished that the scene wasn’t stopped earlier. Indeed, there is no doubt that if the experiment had not been mercifully brought to an end by the assistant...Katalin would have kept the caning going until Lady Mia was unconscious.

What’s truly missing from this movie was an aftercare scene with Lady Jenny tending to Lady Mia’s wounds and then Katalin walking in. I would have loved to see the triumphant look on Katalin’s face as she no doubt would have mocked Lady Mia and taunted her. Luckily for Mia (but unfortunately for me), such a scene will simply remain a mere fantasy as after witnessing Katalin’s inhumanity, she wouldn’t be allowed within a hundred kilometers of Mia. A BTS scene of Lady Mia after the whipping, to observe her distress and fear and she tried to rationalize and process her ordeal would have been the perfect climax for this movie.

Suzy is not a good model, her reactions are too muted. Although not totally silent, she is very underwhelming which makes me think that she was holding back on purpose. Watching her get whipped was like watching when a man gets whipped; she didn’t want to show anything at all. The girl in the first whipping scene however, she was excellent! Her tears flowed constantly and her facial expressions were varied and very entertaining! Her constant, passionate sobbing and pain-distorted face made an excellent opening scene for this film.

The only thing wrong with this film was that during the final whipping scene, Lady Jenny’s aim was off. Several times she either hit only half of Mia’s ass or missed her ass altogether and hit the thigh with the cane. I almost wonder if she was taking it easy on her colleague, but she certainly did not hit lightly. This certainly didn’t ruin the scene, because the psychological value far outweighs the actual beating, and most viewers will be observing Katalin’s and Mia’s reactions, yet it was annoying to watch. It is truly a shame she is no longer in this world, Lady Jenny was perfect as the calm, detached executioner, neither remorseful nor sadistic, and completely unemotional: simply the picture of a professional doing her job.

The third and final scene was stopped right as it started to get REALLY interesting, I was very disappointed. It has been a fantasy of mine for many years to see just how far you can push a lady until she has a complete and total breakdown. That wail lady Mia let out after the 15th and final stroke of the cane……I got extremely excited and though perhaps Mood pictures finally had crossed the line and cared more for making a great scene than the welfare of their model. I was so engrossed in the action I didn’t even realize the scene was about to end, I wanted it to keep going until she was screaming! Indeed I was shocked that Mia herself didn’t simply call it quits (maybe no money then?) or that no one else ended it sooner ….as they should have!

Suffice to say that this scene really tells you a lot about yourself (just like that scene of Lyen in Special Rules after Ariel cheats), how cruel you really are if you want it to continue (like myself) or how human you are if you wanted it to stop earlier.

Two out of the three scenes in this film were excellent, the second scene isn’t worth it unless you particularly enjoy that model. The fact that we get to observe a cold, callous and indifferent sociopath in action is what really makes this film worth your money.

Get it here: [mood]

Final grade: A
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