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1) Troicha 
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Wednesday, 3 April 2019 04:20 PM Permalink

Painful Duel 7 Review

The two tiny ladies, Zazie Skymm & Liv Revamped, decided to have this duel as Zazie was jealous over Liv’s off-camera interactions with her boyfriend.

Round 1, 40 lashes, breasts. Liv begs Amanda not to hit her “there” and gets told to shut up.

Round 2, 40 lashes, ass. Zazie complains that some of Liv’s strokes hit her ass too, Amanda shuts her down.

Round 3, back whipping until someone quits. In the end, both girls receive less than 40 lashes each before one of them quits.

Best scene round 3 when both girls were whipped AOH, constant and non-stop, near-simultaneous screams and moans as both girls struggled to keep their composure and remain in the game. A great view, it was, both ladies swaying back and forth like reeds in the wind, panting and gasping for air as the scythe that was Amanda’s whip slashed their backs over and over again. To hear both ladies scream side-by-side in agony, well possibly the best double AoH scene of all time, definitely some of the finest AoH period.....absolutely outstanding scene!!!

The first round was.…eh, not much to speak of. However Liv Revamped…well her reactions were almost on par with Lyen Parker. She held nothing back and again, we even got the pleasure of watching her beg Amanda for mercy, which was harshly denied. By the end of that round, she was panting hard and barely able to function, really hyping up the later rounds.

The second round was less boring than the first one. Nice facial close-ups of the two girls as their suffering continued. The last set of 20 lashes where the girls got their asses whipped together at the same time. That was something rarely seen, to hear both girls scream at exactly the same time, as Amanda announces it, Zazie looks at Liv (who doesn’t speak Hungarian), they both share an “OH FUCK!” moment. Twas very overwhelming for the senses and really amplifies just how badly they suffered.

Both models are good-looking. This film can appeal to fans on both ends as both white and dark meat is being flayed for their pleasure. Of the two, Liv Revamped had more interesting expressions. At times she looked like she was going to be sick, burst into tears, other times she looked quite angry. As her whipping continued across all three rounds, her face just got more and more intense, both in desperation and anger!

Lady Amanda in this film looked professional and sexy, literarily perfect. Here, with her black and blue clothes, she looked elegant, these clothes gave her stature and finesse, and they elevated her and truly complemented her as Domina. Also, her makeup was perfect and just right…unlike in another certain recent film and her whipping was flawless and spot-on in this film. Combined, they made her look more authoritarian and professional. She personally gets an A+ from me.

The film had two main issues: oversized watermark and Lady Amanda blocking the view. Pedro addressed the former issue. Sometimes Amanda was standing in the middle so as to cast a shadow over Zazie’s face, either that or she was blocking the camera view of Zazie sometimes. Skip forward to 15:52 and these two issues will simultaneously be apparent.

Was like watching Prisoner’s Dilemma again, early action boring, later rounds more exciting. Not quite as dull as that film but still plenty to skip over.

Overrated and over-hyped; decent second round, solid whipping throughout; the third scene however, makes it worth your money.

Final Grade: B

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