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1) Jlive99 
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Friday, 15 March 2019 05:00 AM Permalink

@Pedro...Thank you for Painful Duel 7. It is a truly enjoyable whipping movie. Lady Amanda, Liv and Zazie were incredible. I enjoyed the three different bondage positions and the way that they exposed the areas that were to be whipped.

Lady Amanda wastes no time and has both ladies in tears before the 10th lash on their breasts. I love the way that Liv cries. She gasps after each stroke and cries between each stroke during the back whipping. Is there anyway that Liv can be invited back too and where can we see more of her?

The second scene where Lady Amanda mistakenly whips Zazie as she whips Liv is truly special. I like how she decides to whip both ladies at the same time after continuing to mistakenly strike Zazie.

I actually thought this was a missed opportunity to punish Lady Amanda for the miss strokes. I would have loved to have seen her bent over and had skirt raised for a few lashes of the whip.

Aside from the watermark and some of the shadows that have been previously mentioned, this film is wonderful. Lady Amanda whips both ladies well and they suffer so beautifully. More of this please... rating A
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