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I would say she definitely needs more color in her cheeks

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32411) yyy

Thanks for the info about
I looked at their models page and had to laugh. So many women nearly as pale as me.

Back in either 1999 or 2000 I had a film shoot with Jada Fire for ALS (All Ladies Shaved) She had a great body, especially when oiled. Total bitch. If iPhones had been around back then she would have been swiping right while I was going down on her. That kind of attitude.

(Swiping right is the thing isn't it? Not used it).

That was when I realized that I'd been working with a nice group of people up until now, and I really was that naive. That was my only mainstream thing, other than a scene with Angel Long (the plot was I was her best friend's younger sister, and she had come round to see her friend but only I was there and she seduced me. They tried to change it to me supposed to be her boyfriend's step-sister, and then the boyfriend would come home and find us etc etc. But I refused to budge on the "no guys" thing on account of me only liking girls. I think that they thought I would give in and say "OK I'll make a major lifestyle change and have this random guy fuck my bum". But they all wanted to see my tiny fist in Angel's cunt, so it went ahead as girl-girl like it was supposed to.

I went running back to the group I'd been dealing with before after that, realizing that I wasn't cut out for "the real world."

On ethnickink, that Layton Benton is definitely work investigating.

As to Cruel World: I will definitely be using them again. It might sound stupid, but that outtake where Tay went from being terrified to laughing in a split second shows a good working environment, even if they aren't the most technically adept. I just find that more appealing than that douche PD at Insex and the way he talks to people sometimes (and I don't mean when he's in character). The language barrier is definitely a... erm... barrier. So I do the English thing of point and use pictures. Need to take a break from that stuff for a little while, and let my credit card go down too.
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