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(1) Criminal Minds doesn't really show GIMP material onscreen but it does show the stuff leading up to it. It also comes up with some scenarios that could make great inspiration for stories and other works.

Notable episodes include:

Charm and Harm 1x20 which features a con man who seduces women before torturing them and finally drowning them in a hotel bathtub.

In Name and Blood 3x02 a dying man kidnaps women and craves out their hearts. There's an AOH scene that occurs right before one woman is killed.

Paradise 4x04 a man who runs a motel abducts couples, rapes the woman, and have them killed in a staged car accident. There's a scene with a woman tied up on a bed.

Middle Man 6x07 a group of young men kidnaps strippers who the leader later kills. There's a scene with a woman handcuffed to a pole while blindfolded.

Epilogue 7x06 a man tries to find proof of the afterlife by drowning and then reviving people. Tries it with a woman in a bikini but she can't be revived.

Breath Play 10x17 a man strangles several women. It doesn't get explicit until the end.

Drive 11x12 a driver for a rideshare company uses a guillotine to behead people. It shows the lead up to a female victim but not the event.

Night Lights 14x11 a couple is abducted and the man killed. The woman is chased through the house. She is stabbed but survives. The episode is still on their website.
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