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And I know just the way to do it

I would say she definitely needs more color in her cheeks

This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video,
emphasizing the fantasy aspects of extreme bondage.

We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

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Thursday, 14 March 2019 05:57 PM Permalink

(1) re: 32409, -10) Floor13.

Thanks very much for your review and thoughts. I love your candor.

So would you use Cruel World again? And why or why not? Do they adhere to your detailed scripts enough? I don't know about your having to re-edit their finished product to have it meet your desires, though. Although your grades do suggest that you are satisfied enough to use them again.

"...How racist are you about your GIMPS?.." I've never been able to do a custom, so in the fantasy realm, I'm equal opportunity. I hate everyone. lol

"...I hate squeaky-voice Japanese films..." Amen, though I think their voices tend toward squeaky anyway.

"...We need to see more black women restrained and tortured..." Again Amen, although I do prefer my GIMPs to be somewhat on the fitter side, and a lot of black porn actresses/models tend toward the heavier side. There is black model Montana Starr, who does bondage/tickling videos, who is very nice, IMO.

And Candace Von, a busty black porn actress, stated in one pre-session interview, "I'd like to be tied to a rack and whipped, by a real master..." That got my attention!

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