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I would say she definitely needs more color in her cheeks

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Thursday, 14 March 2019 04:52 PM Permalink

How racist are you about your GIMPS?

I prefer white women. That has been my experience for most of my life. I've been with a few black women (I paid 2 black escorts when I was 18 and they sandwiched me) and I've filmed with a couple of black ladies.

I've filmed with a couple of east-Asian ladies (1 Chinese and more petite than me. 1 Korean with fabulous real breasts, but she was billed as Japanese for the film).

I'll say it now... I hate squeaky-voice Japanese films.

Now the best part: My partner is 1/4 east-Asian (Her grandmother was about 11 when she fled Japan, and that was after they had traveled between Korea and China, so she didn't know her true ethnicity). Her mother is half Asian, half native American. She is therefore 1/4 Asian, 1/4 native American, 1/2 Nordic blonde. Her skin is nearly as pale as mine, but a pale-tan rather than pale white/pink. And, thank god, not squeaky voice. Her US accent has all but gone, still, the occasional US sounds when she says "Water" quickly, and when she screams "FUCK!" when she comes, there's a definite accent. Also, she says "Abooot" like her mum does, i.e. Canadian.

So, I'm pretty racists with my damsels, I like white meat. I've tried so many times in recent years to get a black woman oiled in bondage. No luck. I can get a mixed race lady, not much darker than me... But can I get black?

(No. No is the answer).

We need to see more black women restrained and tortured... Please don't take that out of context.
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