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Thursday, 14 March 2019 04:23 PM Permalink

(1) Military Counterintelligence Day 1, 2, 3
By Cruel World at Niche Clips.

Day 1: B+
Day 2: C+
Day 3: B

My partner and I ordered these custom films with the actress Tai or Tay depending on how I've been told it. I love her body and cute face, so my opinions might be biased. My partner loves her body too, says she looks like me but "More to grip on her"...

I sent a series of Poser renders of how I wanted the films to look. Perhaps I went a bit over the top with my text descriptions as well.

Day 1
1) Starts off with the captured soldier hogtied on the floor, sweaty (oil), bag over her head. I get a real thrill every time I see this, as it was just how I rendered it. She is quietly moaning on the floor. Bad guy comes in and pulls the bag off, dangles the jump leads in front of her face so that she knows she's about to be tortured.

This went on for a bit too long with too much laughing by the bad guy, so it crossed into parody. Needs a good edit (a recurring theme with these films).

2) She is restrained strappado. Arms not quite as high as I'd like, but I know from personal experience that if you're not in quite the right position, they aren't going to go up. Electrodes on her nipples, shock-tastic. Good responses from Tay in this part.

3) Now she's electrocuted with a metal rod as well, again good responses and good fear. I'd have liked some louder screaming. But then I always do.

4) Strappado turns into traditional AoH. THIS IS A PROBLEM. This is when I realize that Tay is growing her armpit hair for a different film. A girls' got to earn a living, and I didn't specifically say that I wanted Tay shaved all over... I hate body hair. I've been hairless all over smooth since I was 12 and always will be, and I keep my partner the same (Ok, so sometimes we grow a little triangle or chevron or landing strip, just for the hell of it).

5) Tay reacts well to the shocks, even collapsing as the winch gives way. Looks very real, even though I'm assuming it was an accident. She goes with it. She's a great actress.

6) In my copy, there is a bit where they break character a couple of times to make sure she is OK, and when they realize her gag is not in place. The way they both laughed kind of makes me feel good that it was a good feeling on set, if you know what I mean. I don't know if that is in the official version. Editing is not Cruel World's strongest area.

7) The best part: Tay is strapped to a table frame (without the table). Having to hold herself up somewhat. And of course, repeatedly shocked and screaming. Again, I would have liked some of the screams to be louder. But this scene REALLY does it for me

Bad points: 1) The dog tags look like they are made from tin-foil. A bit annoyed by this. 2) Body hair. 3) Louder screams!!!!!!!!
Highlights: 1) Tay acting scared, makes my clit throb. 2) Tay's oiled boobs. 3) Tay cuffed to the metal frame.
Score B+

Day 2
There was a long break before filming Day 2, as Tay was still growing her hair. Then she was sick (Cruel World even sent me a picture of her in the hospital). The delay also meant that they forgot the dog tags :(

1) Tay is squatting, AoH, tape over her eyes and mouth. This got me wet instantly, I love tape over the eyes. "Fuck yes," said my partner. Tay is repeatedly shocked with a metal rod. Now, in my version, there are lots of cuts between 3 cameras, and I think the audio went out of sync a couple of times.
I can probably fix it, but a bit annoying. Also a couple of times Tay had just finished exhaling, so had to take a big breath before screaming, therefore there was a bit of a delay in her reaction. Not Tay's fault. The timing should have been better.

2) The tape is pulled from her eyes, and out comes the drill. Again the drill in front of her face went on FAR too long in my version, but I have "everything". Not sure about the 'theatrical cut'.
As he starts drilling her leg, Tay is FUCKING AMAZING. She is really red-faced trying to scream through the tape over her mouth. AGAIN, I need to edit some of this.

3) Tape torn from her mouth, Tay starts saying No and begging. Alas, she had a bit of a cough, and coughed once when she was looking scared, ruined it for a fraction of a second. Then her mouth is drilled. This is my partner's idea.
She loved it, me not so much. The blood pours from her mouth, a little too red for me (again, I need to reduce the saturation a notch and remove some red). She is so covered in oil, that the blood just runs straight off her boobs.

4) Tay is strapped to a bench, head restrained, leather belt in her mouth. Again, She looked FUCKING AMAZING like this. Some nice camera angles of her body. Good fear acting and straining against her bonds.
Broken fingers with pliers, didn't quite work for me. Pliers to her teeth, not really my thing. Hannah loved it, and the blood.

Bad points: 1) No dog tags 2) Audio sync issue at one point. 3) Blood too bright.
Highlights: 1) Opening shot of Tay oiled AoH, tape over eyes. So good for me. 2) Tay strapped to the bench with leather belts. Defenseless nipples.
Score C+ (Something about it just didn't click as well for me)

Day 3
Another delay while Tay got better. Not a complaint, she looked healthier in this than in Day 2.

1) Starts with a shot of the bench with some straps attached. Knowing Tay is about to be strapped to that REALLY worked for me. Twisting my nipples already.

2) Tay strapped to the bench, the belt is tighter in her mouth than before. Neck restraint looks chunkier too. Think he has bought some new props. Tay is oiled. SHE LOOKS SO GOOD!

3) Lots of angles of her oiled body. Hannah came home at this point and we had to start from the beginning again. Back to twisting my nipples.

4) A new set of jump leads on her nipples. Not like the smaller ones from other films. I won't lie, this looked brutal. They look like a proper set of jump leads, she takes them well.
Oh heaven as she's shocked. Looks amazing. First complaint: Cruel World took me a bit literately in the examples that I sent. The shocks go on for too long for my tastes. I prefer lots of short shocks where the body reacts each time.
These were a bit too long. Again this is a personal thing.

5) Shocks with the metal rod to the twinkle-cave. Tay does a good job and gives a different kind of scream for these. Again, a fraction too long.

6) Drill to the leg, she reacts well, fake blood on the floor. Not quite my thing, my partner likes it but would have like Hollywood effects. This clearly isn't Hollywood effects! Not a complaint, it was a very reasonable price.
Drill to the mouth again. Not as good, Hannah tells me, not enough blood this time.

7) New position, legs apart, More nipple shocks Oh yes!!!!

8) Tape over her eyes and shocked through the eyes. Not as effective as the first time in the previous film I requested. I think the single piece of tape wasn't as visually pleasing as small separate bits of tape.

Bad points: 1) no dog tags. 2) Shocks are too long, I prefer more and shorter. 3) Shocks to the eyes not quite as good as before.
Highlights: 1) oiled Tay look FANTASTIC. 2) Those jump leads on her nipples looked brutal. He attached one, and it just fell over 90 degrees from its weight taking her nipple with it. Oh good, it felt good as I twisted mine at the same time.
Score B
(Would have been A if the screams had been louder with shorter shocks. Again, might just be a personal thing)

I'm already thinking about new films with a different theme. Trying to find out what her limits are...
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