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1) XenMon2 
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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 02:29 PM Permalink

I've been looking for a story I read a few years back. I'm guessing it was on a site that's since gone defunct and so is Gone Forever, but I figured I'd ask the enthusiasts before writing it off lol.

It's about some female detective or FBI agent or some other form of cop getting caught by serial torturer for interrogation. It was quite long, but I specifically recall one scene where she has her head shaved and then a long strip of her skin peeled off along her spine. She refuses to give up the info, so he brings in one of her coworkers and gives her the same treatment; she breaks, gives up everything she knows, and is killed.

My memory is hazy beyond that, but I recall that she is released to infiltrate the police (under threat of killing her family), and she ends up falling for the torturer's son or something.
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