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And I know just the way to do it

I would say she definitely needs more color in her cheeks

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(1) wormy62 wrote:

I found these and another group on line. I really like this guys work.

Yeah, it's a shame so much of the RDF material, as Ed mentioned, is lost today. I would also welcome anything else you can find from this artist. And don't forget we have 3 of his art story sets (two of which are sadly incomplete) in GIMP Comics. They're at the bottom of the page, with titles that all begin with "Fiends". All very mean and nasty artworks, just the way I like 'em.


madambathory wrote:

Zoya ... one of the first tortures she suffered as she enters the correctional institute and the cold shower.

See, this is what JD, Frog and others are talking about with the tattoos. Zoya is an absolutely beautiful woman, but those tattoos are a deal-breaker for many of us. You've got the equivalent of a gorgeous sports car that's plastered with Trump bumper stickers. They do have makeup that will cover up offensive ink...maybe the model might object, but it all comes down to whether you want to sell a video or a photo set with quality models or ones that look trashy and cheap. Most men don't like tattoos on women so you're automatically limiting your ability to appeal to a larger audience. Rather than hiring tatless models (which I'm sure are harder and harder to find these days), clean up the ones you've got now. It will improve the quality of your work and improve your sales, I guarantee it.
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