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1) Ed 
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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 12:46 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) wormy62: I found these and another group on line. I really like this guys work.

These were from a long-time dead bdsm porn site called R.D.F. Co in NY. As far as I know the artist has never been named. He created quite a few 10 - 12 card sets of different situations and characters. Crude artwork, but very gratifying sexual sadism. Especially to a young guy in the '70's.

One of their catalogs is in the GIMP archives:


Mainly 8mm movies and picture sets. But still a wealth of sadism and a reason the loss of R.D.F. is a tragedy still felt among those of us who remember it. A new catalog in the mail was definitely looked forward to.

If I may, where did you find them? I once had many of the sets, but lost them in a fire years ago. Every so often more will show up and I am always looking to replace ones that haven't surfaced, so the possibility that you have found a new repository is of keen interest.

If you would like, I do have a few of the sets that I would be happy to share with you--more or less full size (they were originally 5" X 4", I think. Few free to email me.

If you have been lurking here long you will know that I have a particular passion for breast whipping. Fortunately so did our mystery artist. Here is one such from a 4 part set named Ruritanian Discipline. I've only managed to find one part, but it was the one with a favorite breast flogging.

Also, while I'm on the subject, the last time I asked about this guy and his sets was almost a year ago and there may be some new folks here on GIMP since then. So the same invitation applies. I would love to trade something I have for something I don't.
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