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1) Darkseid 
IP logged
Wednesday, 30 January 2019 06:08 AM Permalink

(1) Seen WOP26. “Meh”. It’s surely a good movie, but honestly not one of the best. My problem is that I don’t like Nataly Gold too much, as I noticed in her movie for Graias: too swollen chickbones, dinghy lips, horrible implants that make her tits as fake as a 3 € coin. And if I don’t like the GIMP I become less interested in her punishment. What can turn on the interest is the reaction of the GIMP, as I said in Prisoner’s Dilemma where I preferred by far Lyen’s punishment even if I find Ariel much prettier (and blonde, with pigtails…).

Anyway, in the first two rounds Nataly had beautiful reactions: the way she launched tiny squeals, and then her trembling, her “pant” and mostly the way she rolled her eyes had something of “orgasmic” that made me appreciate the rounds. But after her “breaking point” (around strike no 47 of 2nd round) her reaction obviously changed… but worse. She cried, but not too much; she was in pain, but not desperate; she screamed but in a too “stoic” way; she gasped but not with a desperate accelerated breath. And may be silicone and botox made her face too little expressive.

Nothing compared to the desperate cries of Lyen, the gasping Ariel, the desperation on Lucy’s eyes or even the sexy and submissive look of the Russian model of Slave Training and Slaves of Elite Club 2. And nothing compared to the reactions of the late “old” models like Anette, Nancy or Lori.

And it’s a pity because I found a little boring the punishment I waited more, the “70 full body”.

Another thing: why, after 40 lashes on her back and 50 on her ass, Amanda chose to strike again that parts when she had 70 possibilities to choose any other part of the body? Ok, maybe there was a “silent agreement” to not strike her boobs with new implants if not explicitly selected by the wheel… but there are belly, pussy, feet…

Coming to the point, it’s surely a good movie that deserves to be seen, but I wouldn’t cry in desperation if Nataly Gold doesn’t come back for another movie. May be only in a Painful Duel with a beautiful and stubborn model reluctant to surrender (like Lyen, but maybe better one of the new models we are waiting to see in 2019), cause she was able to bear 160 lashes (I don’t remember any recent model that lasted so long) and her resistance can push her opponent to last longer.

Final considerations: I like the new format with more harsh punishments. 160 lashes in three rounds, while with the old one you had to hope to see five rounds to have 120-140 lashes. Obviously we have less variations of punishments, buti f the model is valid she can always be invited again to a second WOP, maybe with special rules 😊

Considering that Amanda and Ariel don’t want Switch, you could change it with 20 soles strokes (you have only one and with 10 strokes).

Language issue: no problem with English. But if possible (with Hungarian models) I’d prefere subtitles because all it would be more natural. And I prefer the “old” presenter to Amanda. She is good but she is better with the whip, and the usual presenter is more able to make questions, to show marks ecc. But with foreign models, English is ok.
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