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Friday, 14 September 2018 03:33 PM Permalink

Alice wrote: Anyway, this was my last attempt.

Oh come on... don't be such a drama queen Alice! You stay, and that's final. Or I send Ariel over to you, and she won't be kidding... :)

toxicmask had a really useful advice for you, Alice! Uploading illustration always attracts attention... believe him!


homerjs wrote: I discover in the movie Elite Club: 23rd case the amazing Stepmother

Isn't she only in the trailer before the main feature. I mentioned in an earlier post for you that she is in the Journalist. I cannot remember other movies...


Jan wrote: Though a bit out of context, thank you for the WOP-Lucy-teaser

Out of context? Did you see the furious face of Ariel? I had to turn on the lamp when I edited this scene to stop shivering :) Boy that furious face was in pair with the furious message of Alice. If you haven't noticed, I'd advice you to check that face again, and you'll probably see a level of anger which you haven't see so far from Ariel.

Your idea about an In the Name of Love 3 is something which really worth to be considered. Probably that one is less known here because that is sooo old. About 13 years old now...


marathonmann wrote: Nobody mentioned it yet, but there is a whipfight in "Elite Club: 10th case

Great find! Credit to Lomp for that film.


Provost: An Ariel Amanda paring has much higher chance than anything involved Cleo and Ariel at the same time. We'll see...
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