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1) Fritz 
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Friday, 14 September 2018 02:17 AM Permalink

Thanks to all who have read, tried to read or intend to read my latest story, especially to those who posted comments…

Ralphus:   Although it hardly qualifies as a “hit”, this story is attracting a bit more notice than my past efforts. Still, my concern isn't as much about lack of feedback for my own work as it is about apathy toward GIMP fiction in general. That said, there seems to be an overall uptick in story interest recently.

JD:   Thanks for the very kind words. It's far from a novel, but yeah… it's long. Take your time.

The Bodyguard:   Thanks. Once you get further into it, you'll see it's not really a pirate story at all. Then again, maybe it is.

Ed:   Is that a Stanton drawing? I have a Bondage Trios pub from 1972 (#4 I think) which includes a pirate story illustrated by the same (uncredited) artist. It seems pirate GIMP never goes out of style. I have a series by Sakaadze from the mid 50's and today there's high-seas peril by Cagri, Aries, Roujin as well as a number of “Pirate Tales” SQI collections from about 25 years ago. You'll also find many 3DG masters (Blades123 is among the best) who often visit this theme. But like I said, “The Baroness” is not a pirate story smile .

Online_Ratt:   Thanks for the feedback. The “fumetti flavour” you mention is no accident. The story was inspired by one of those bad boys. You can download it here. This fumetto provided not only the opening illustrations, but brought to mind the delusional plot.

lionrobe:   I have not seen Cloud Atlas but I am aware of some of its concepts, like single characters adopting different personae across time periods. Though I do see the parallel now, it didn't occur to me until after I was done writing. In fact, my inspiration came from a very different source (see above).

As for how long it took to write… I really don't remember. I worked on it over about three or four months, but sometimes only a few hours a week. A lot of time was spent on research to get background info on real places, characters and periods to weave into the narrative. There are also several secret motifs and references, which I suppose many readers will miss.

In fact, in a shameless attempt to increase readership, I'll offer a prize “pirate package” from my own collection to all who are the first to post a secret motif or reference on the forum. I'd do the same for the real-world allusions, but they're pretty easy to spot.

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