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Thursday, 13 September 2018 11:54 AM Permalink

If I had a scenario in my mind which needs many naked females it would cost a little more, but that's not that big problem.

In that case only you or me needs a good idea. Since I have lost my desire to suggest something it has to be you. wink

Actually hard labour doesn't add for me too much to the scene. Ten years ago I had a customer from Scandinavia who would have payed a lot for a movie which would have depicted a naked maid doing the cleaning for 3 hours(!) long onscreen. But it is not just that I don't do films for one customer only, I don't make films which I am not interested in. For about 15 years since I do these films it turn out that n most cases the films what I like usually sell well. So this seems to be a magic formula which I intend to stick to.

Absolutely ok by me. I would have loved to include a bit of hard labour, you don't. And that's what it is. Tastes are sometimes different. At least with regard to WOP-Special Rules, our tastes are the same! wink
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