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1) Pedro 
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Thursday, 13 September 2018 07:10 AM Permalink

Klingsor: You forgot to mention one important factor of this paingate film you posted: These girls are identical twins. They are gorgeous individually as well, but together they are awesome.
Whipping each other? Unique and delicate video. Even if this has a strange incest touch, it is very special.

It seems I must be the bad guy, this is the third idea I turn down. My problem with this scenario is that it is not a formal punishment scenario, which is almost the only one I am interested in. You know when the "subject" is either bound or must take a given position, and the punishment is an exact number of lashes usually to be counted by either the victim or some authority. If you see our films (at least the one written or directed by me) all of them are based on this ground.

Jan - If I had a scenario in my mind which needs many naked females it would cost a little more, but that's not that big problem.

Actually hard labour doesn't add for me too much to the scene. Ten years ago I had a customer from Scandinavia who would have payed a lot for a movie which would have depicted a naked maid doing the cleaning for 3 hours(!) long onscreen. But it is not just that I don't do films for one customer only, I don't make films which I am not interested in. For about 15 years since I do these films it turn out that in most cases the films what I like usually sell well. So this seems to be a magic formula which I intend to stick to.

MAV - Thank you for your report on those amazon films. I tried to purchase their films but I couldn't even get near to them. You need to register to get access to the more interesting pages, but after a registration I don't even get their email, not even to the spam folder...

I guess they are a German company and I know that German law is very serious about adult websites. They take adult verification very seriously. But I was wondering who could they sell these expensive looking films if this is so hard, almost impossible to buy them? Are they sponsored by the government so they are not even interested in sales?
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