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1) Petelobo 
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Friday, 10 August 2018 07:31 AM Permalink

(1) First, on Martial Law IV, I come back to my terribly redundant (by now) comment on all these films:

Yes Ariel looks great back-to-bars, AOH, body made for it. You bet. Terrific. So...hey! let's take her down and turn her around to whip her! What?! I get it that Lomp could do all sides, but Pedro is pretty much fixed on the part that doesn't have tits or pussy or inner thighs. Sigh.

Max Lomp, who for many years worked for Elite Pain, where he did the Suzy series among many other fine works, left/was dumped from Mood/Elite Pain and formed Graias. No surprise that old Elite Pain stuff of his might begin to appear on Graias.

Poll question: I'll take what I can get, which, as Ralphus says, is more likely to be one at a time (since I'm really not into kidnapping and I'm not an agency of the deep state, so I can't arrest them.) But I love the fantasy of having, say, a MILF and 2 daughters ala Roberts Black Van Home Invasion series. No need to grab anyone. Just go where they are. The dynamic of torturing one while the others watch/listen has lots of cool possibilities.

One of my favorite Lomp films is Two Girls in Pain in which the incomparable Mary and her friend are hung up AOH and nude and actually whipped back AND front (look it up, Pedro, I'm not kidding). Each one has to go as long as she can stand it to protect the other, then when one gives up or the other calls Max off of her friend (sister would be even better), SHE gets the next round.

So multiple, since it's fantasy, and whipping AND electro, since it's fantasy. Women like going to the restroom together, why not the torture chamber?
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