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1) Pedro 
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Wednesday, 8 August 2018 04:28 PM Permalink

@ SKP123

Now I understand what you write. Of course every one of us have different tastes.

Regarding Amanda's offer. I think this was something she didn't actually mean. She just wanted to tease Cleo. You know since these WOP's are not scripted, dominas usually don't know what to say. They are asked to instruct the submissive to count properly if needed, otherwise I used to tell them, that I like if there is some chemistry between them, so I tell them not to hesitate to tease the other a little bit. I think at that moment Amanda simply thought it would sound good, and she simply didn't even think that someone will remember this at the end of the shooting. She even tried to act like that didn't even happen.


Thank you for your suggestions, all are noted. Yes, Prisoner Dilemma will contain a(n almost) parallel whipping. (turns of 10 lashes)
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