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I wonder if this scene is in the movie?

Shockingly did not win an Oscar

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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1) Pedro back home 
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Thursday, 12 July 2018 07:24 PM Permalink

(1) Alex asked: Could you set up the context a little bit more: was Cleo willing to be submissive...

So this time I found two dominants who accepted the following rule: At the first round they both spin the wheel. Whoever spins a punishment with a higher number will be the submissive in this release. Looking at the pictures it seems obvious - I guess - that Cleo was the unlucky one...

I was hoping to see Amanda suffering, but this outcome was interesting too.

...and from a technical point of view, how did you manage to remove all the tattoos she has in WOP 22

I must admit I have no clue... what I know is that this is a multiple hours task for our make-up artist. Just like in case of Lyen, Cleo had to be early morning in the studio so her tattoos could be covered. This is really a time consuming job. Make ups, hairs and such tattoo coverings are done in a separate room (kind of dressing room for the models) and I rarely enter that room, that's why I am so unsure about this. What I heard is that some kind of silicone is also used with some other ingredients. Simple make up like what girls use on their faces is not enough to cover such colorful body-paintings... Since Cleo was the unlucky one, at least this preparation was not in vain...

As "tables turned" scenarios are always arousing, will Amanda once appear as a sub in a movie ?

That's an interesting situation... At one point in the film an interesting conversation can be heard. Amanda is very sure he will "knock out" Cleo with her whipstrokes. She even dares to offer a chance of revenge for Cleo in case she withstands all the strokes... Interestingly enough Amanda didn't quite remember this promise at the very end of the shooting... But we have this on record :)

Johnnygreen: We get the canes from furniture material suppliers. You may get it from BDSM shops too. If you buy only one that's ok. (quite expensive though) Since we use (and break) a lot of canes, we buy it from the raw rattan supplier. We cut it to size, put it to stand in water so we can straighten them because we get them in big rolls.

kenshin: I have just wrote about WOP23 above. When you ask about WOP SPR I guess you mean the special rules edition which features lovely Lyen Parker the second time in a Wheel of Pain release. (Which is not even scheduled to be released yet) Well this time the special rules were the following:
1. She HAD TO complete at least 5 rounds. (normally anybody can quit after any round without losing the collected sum)
2. She had the chance of ONE RE-SPIN whenever she want to use this feature.
3. She received 1000 USD per round instead of the usual 500 USD per round.

Muhammad: I hope it will worth the waiting just a few days more... until then use the last few days of our summer 30% discount. We don't have this too often...
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