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I wonder if this scene is in the movie?

Shockingly did not win an Oscar

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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1) frog 
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 03:47 PM Permalink

(1) Another one from the vaults which is also a homge to the HOM models of yesteryear. Her abductor has stripped her except for her panties and tied her to a chair. Now she waits in the sweltering summer heat for the horrible fate that awaits her...

26717) lurker10 wrote: “Niccolò Machiavelli writes of having been tortured with strappado and subjected to a number of drops, (sorry, no cite) apparently a calibrated judicial torture.” I did not deny the use of strappado. What was at issue is pulling women by the breasts with the violent movement used in that torture. Again, if you watch the videos and clips where women are lifted by their breasts it is done relatively slowly.

I also stated that the image lionrobe posted was most probably a propaganda piece, which is not to deny that that type of atrocity was committed by troops after a prolonged and frustrating siege.

You also wrote:“Also, *professional* soldiers loot... professionally, with specific shares for the commander, officers, and men. Individuals that screw up the take are disciplined by their comrades. They are not some random mob. Effective looting is a skill…. Nor does looting require violence…” 16th and 17th century armies were not professionals in the modern sense. In fact, professionalization of armies started more or less around that time and particularly during the 17th century.

The issue of rampaging soldiers is well attested to in the sources. This was particularly so when the religious aspect was in play (which was most of the time during that period). The inhabitants of a city that were considered heretics (whether Catholic or Protestant) were very often treated to all types of atrocities and mayhem, since they were considered less than human. The soldiers were usually egged on by the sermons of their chaplains (again Catholic or Protestant).

There were also instances in which looting got out of hand and the officers were not able to control their troops. As to violence, it all depends on how you define it. Physical force need not be used when the looted know it would be suicidal to refuse the demands of the looters, but the act is still violent because of the implicit threat of physical harm.

26710) lionrobe wrote: “JD and Frog, Ok, but when you tell that tortured females were not naked, can you explain how the breastrippers could work during a public execution ? Here we have related scenes in France, circa 1570/72, alleged witches were tortured on the cart by red-hot breastrippers before being burned at the stake.” I did not say that women or men were not tortured naked by the Inquisition. Stripping the prisoner was done on occasion. The key point is that Inquisitors (unlike us) were not into stripping women, or men for that matter, for the sake of a hard-on and some dark erotic desire. Also many of the women interrogated by the Inquisiton were not the young, attractive GIMPS we usually see in Inquisitorial interrogation scenes like the ones we crave.

To your last point, like JD, I cannot attest to the judge you mention. In any case, there was a difference between the torture meted out during an interrogation and the public displays of cruelty that accompanied some executions.

In the end, as you well say, we are not here for historical accuracy but for perverse erotic pleasure.
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