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I wonder if this scene is in the movie?

Shockingly did not win an Oscar

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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Do your friends or relatives know about this perversion of yours?

If they learned about it, how did they react?

State your answers right here below

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1) Reine Margot 
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 10:41 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Production of Maleficarum Monxa Mala is Getting Closer

Maleficarum Monxa Mala is getting closer and closer to production. New developments are moving the project rather fast, given the monetary circumstances, maybe a bit too fast. There’s so much to do still but the time is getting shorter. Production must start. Our cast is tremendously motivated and that’s something that has to be kept and encourage.

The recent pictures of Dani on The Wheel caused many to make the glowing comments I mentioned before. One in particular came in the form of an email with a very generous offer:

Hello. I hope I am reaching Margot. The stills of Dani on the wheel has convinced me not only of her talent but also her beauty. Moreover, I am very impressed with the direction of the film. I will soon be coming into some money, and would like to invest $1,000 into the film. I wish I could do more. With that modest sum, would it be possible to prevail upon Jac and the others to create a traditional rack scene? I don’t know that I have a preference as to which actress might be the unfortunate victim of this torture, but I do feel strongly that she be completely naked and her growing be shaved. I need to know if the contribution of $1,000 is too small for this purpose. Please advise. Can we discuss this further? Thank you.

Naturally I responded that everything is possible with cash. In fact, I think the Rack scene to which Pícaro made an initial contribution of 2K could turn into a multi use traditional rack where one nun or two would be stretched, the traditional way, and Graciela would suffer the torture with the stocks as it was originally planned. A contribution of $1,000 would add the traditional element to the rack.

I mentioned this to Picaro, he has some say in the Rack scene, and he was in total agreement:

Pícaro: Hi, Margot. Great news about the new contribution. I really like he idea of a traditional rack. Obviously, the same “table” could be used for the traditional rack as well as the rack with stocks. That sounds to me like a perfect way to go. So the question now is who is going to suffer on it, right?

Our potential new contributor has one particular wish for the scene, that the one to suffer it: be completely naked and her growing be shaved . The one person to fill both of those requirements is Dani. So, not only would she suffer torture at The Wheel, but at The Rack too. That is something Jac will have to see how to work into the story, but it’s totally possible.

As the production schedule is upon us, we need to raise fairly soon at least 5K, of the 25,000 still needed to cover the hard cash production expenses that are coming up rather quickly, with that cash in our hands we’re ready to go. The offer of those 1,000 is a very good start. I’m eagerly waiting to hear from our new potential contributor.

When I mentioned our current emergency needs to our biggest contributor, Pícaro again came to the rescue:

Pícaro: By the way, speaking of funding, by my reckoning I’ve sent you to date, 6K for production of Monxa Mala. (…) That leaves me with a committed remainder of 1k. I’ve been thinking of an additional $500 to make a nice round total of $7,500. So, if you can use it now to get production going, send me a Paypal invoice. Alternatively, it might be better to send it after the funding campaign launches. What do you think? Either way, your call.

I decided for the immediate transfer of funds because our needs are immediate. We have expenses piling up, particularly with location, cast and crew issues, not to mention equipment, so the transfer was made. With this new transfer of hard cash, Pícaro has completed his funding of this film with a total of $7,500. Another contributor sent $500 our way, to make for a total of $8,000 of our goal.

Our plan was to raise 50,000 for this film, but some sequences, like a BATS sequence, were discarded, saving in the process over $15,000. Our new budgetary needs are went down to $35,000 of which we raised over $8,000 in contributions and few hundred in small donations. This is how our crowd funding campaign looks like:

Total needed in Hard Cash funds 35,000

Total raised to date 8,000

Total needed to raise 27,000

Offer of 1,000

Total new goal at least 25,000

Our IndieGoGo campaign will be limited to a goal of $10,000. Amy feels that it will be better that way. The rest will be raised through our pages. The page to contribute is already set up, you can contribute HERE,  hopefully we’ll have good responses.

The press in Bolivia also learned about the project, a little article came out recently.

The small article says:

“We will return to the subject of the Inquisition” the film director Jac Avila said to us about the sequel to his film Maleficarum, a film he’ll begin shooting this month. Maleficarum Monxa Mala will star Beatriz Rivera, Mila Joya and Daniela Borda. The plot is based in two old stories from Sucre and Oruro.

Read more of Maleficarum Monxa Mala at the Red Feline Club!

The crowdfunding campaign is on, you can contribute HERE

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