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Monday, 9 July 2018 07:42 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

lionrobe said Ok, but when you tell that tortured females were not naked, can you explain how the breastrippers could work during a public execution ? Here we have related scenes in France, circa 1570/72, alleged witches were tortured on the cart by red-hot breastrippers before being burned at the stake.

I know little about the context to judge. It might be a late 19th century 'invention' like vaginal pear ... it might come from a higly unreliable source (like most in Middle Ages) with an agenda, it might be a laymen's punishment, or something else.

My original statement is that Inquisition was not in the titillating business and nudity was frown upon. There are a number of serious books (and a few sensationalist ones) that deal with the phenomenon. Last one I've read was a trilogy called The Rise, The Growth and The End of the Spanish Inquisition by Jean Plaidy. An excellent reading if a bit dry at times.
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