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1) Gog 
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Monday, 9 July 2018 07:26 PM Permalink

Ralphus wrote (of "I've seen a few, and figured I could do the same thing you're thinking of, edit out all the references to the action being consensual. But after a short time, I just gave up. There were just too many instances where the guy would ask the chick how she's liking it and she would answer in the affirmative. And of course since seemingly every set piece ends in vibrator play, that basically eliminates the climax."

For me that's usually not a problem. Very often I'll watch with the sound either off or way down. And I'm not just talking about consensual stuff like Kink. Too many instances where the audio is just too irritating. Like I've mentioned before with the example of Allie James sounding like I demented troll as she's being strangled. Or some of the few JAV titles I've seem. Can't even describe the sounds all those JAV actresses make......but It's irritating as hell to me. They don't even sound like women....more like 10 year old girls or something.

So yeah, all the consensual dialog......don't even hear it. lol

But as far as KINK, there's so much freakin' stuff there....don't even know where to begin.

And for fans of Casey Calvert....she's got all kind of stuff there. Her latest one is for "Bound GangBangs"
Haven't seen it as of yet.....but soon. big grin

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