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I really like the bondage here

Oh, she's getting an education, all right

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1) Ralphus 
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Thursday, 17 May 2018 12:50 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Well, good news / bad news today regarding saving the Internet as we now know it. The Senate passed the bill rejecting the FCC's decision to abolish net neutrality, with all 49 Democrats plus 3 Republicans voting yes. However, it's still doomed to failure when it reaches the House, which is overloaded with Republicans and will most certainly be defeated.

And even in the unlikely event that it would pass there, too, the bill would then go before Trump and he will definitely veto it. It really doesn't matter that 83% of Americans (and even 75% of Republicans) don't want net neutrality repealed. The Tyrant in Chief and his Big Business-loving cronies will make sure they take control of the net, along with the ability to block websites, throttle services and censor online content.

Just remember, those of you who voted for this narcissistic criminal, you're getting exactly what you deserve. And the rest of us are having to live with the consequences.


Frog: You did a really outstanding job with your twin reviews of Laura on the Cross. That Laura girl is quite a find; beautiful, chesty and an expressive actress, and it makes me want to see her movies even more. Unfortunately, it looks like Dungeon Witches is not very user friendly with their content, based on Pedro's experience trying...and acquire it. They're certainly not the only ones out there who make it hard for average folks to see their movies.

Here's the links to your latest reviews: and


25577) Blu wrote:

and of course i didn't forget 'black christmas' (1974)...
with 'olivia hussey'(!). ;p

I haven't seen that movie. What happens to Margot Kidder in that film?

Speaking of the late Margot Kidder, a few years back, we had a discussion regarding tarring and feathering and I posted a link from a film she did in the 1970s called A Quiet Day in Belfast. I think it's a really good GIMP scene, and one of the few tarring and feathering scenes I've seen in movies. The link went bad, but here it is again.

Quiet Day from Olivia Hussey on Vimeo.

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