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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 11:52 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Maleficarum Monxa Mala
The First Act – The Conflict

Friday night, May 11th, was a particularly thrilling night for Jac. He summoned 5 of the actresses for Maleficarum Monxa Mala (we’re dropping the II from the title). Jac wanted to get at least those five with the purpose of discussing the plot with them and shooting some footage for the demo or demos. It was the first time that Helena the Brazilian actress that will play the Marquesa de la Sierra de Gadór met Cristina, who will play his daughter Letizia. (...) Jac had Cristina whip Mila for the camera, after Mila whipped Cristina, of course. Bea did the camera work while Dani was helping out and Helena was watching from the shadows. When all that whipping and shooting was over, Jac and the five actresses had a little party with Pizza and rum. Delightful end to a beautiful night.

Read more of Maleficarum Monxa Mala - The First Act – The Conflict at the Red Feline Club!

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Habemus Esterni (Location)!!

Everything that is happening now is an eerie repetition of what happened in 2010, when Amy and Jac were all set to shoot Barbazul and Cage when unexpectedly some good money was offered for an inquisition movie and at one critical point, Jac found the location for the movie that is now the famous Maleficarum and the shooting of that film was quickly arranged, even before Barbazul began, a film that was already scheduled to be shot because the lead actress, Veronica, was on her way from France. Something similar is happening again, as we near the production of Casa de Fieras and already began shooting La Femme De Chambre, we might have to get in the middle of those projects to shoot Maleficarum Monxa Mala. I expect that in the next few days Jac will close the deal for the location and the schedule for the production of Monxa Mala will be set in stone.

Read more of Maleficarum Monxa Mala - Habemus Esterni (Location) at the Red Feline Club!

User: Guest2018 Password: Gimp0100

What inspired the story of Monxa Mala?

A while back, before shooting Olalla, Amy and Jac visited the enchanting city of Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, a city that preserved, in great part, it’s colonial and republican look, its original architecture and ambiance. They took pictures of this historical city and thought of ideas for a movie that could be made there. They also heard stories from the city. One of them had to do with the story of Monxa Mala.

One day of last century, yes the 20th Century, a crew of workers were very busy at work at a beautiful colonial building in the also beautiful city of Sucre. The beautiful colonial building was a well known Catholic school. At one time in the 1700’s the building housed a very well known cloister for the daughters of the Spanish elite. The school was undergoing renovations and it became necessary to dig into an area that hadn’t been touched in centuries, to enlarge the usable grounds of the school. The intention was to build a gym without affecting the preserved colonial structure. (...)

A nun walked in a few minutes later and went directly to the life size figure on the cross, which was hard to see because of the darkness of the place. She approached the figure as her eyes became accustomed to the dark until she could finally distinguish the figure before her. She touched ever so softly, the bony, card board like, face of the figure. She let out a scream and fainted. The workers rushed to help her and then they noticed that the figure hanging from the large wooden cross was not a life size statue of the Christ. It was the mummified body of a woman who had been nailed to that cross, her leathery naked body preserved by the lack of air in the sealed dungeon. On the top of the cross, above the head of the crucified woman, a sign read Monxa Mala.

Read more of What Inspired Monxa Mala at the Red Feline Club!

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Maleficarum II - The Hard Costs !

The Hard Costs of physically producing the film vary dramatically depending on the film, with low budget films ranging from $200,000 to $1 million, high budget films usually around $50-$75 million, and blockbusters that can cost from $150 million to the sky is the limit and beware of the fall. A production costs a lot of money under normal circumstances, but we don’t work in normal circumstances, that’s why a $50,000 price tag to help us cover the hard costs is extremely low. We did work with much less before, but with every production we noticed that it has become harder to manage. If before we could take out of our regular cash flow for a production, that has become more difficult. We have a lot more expenses every month now and they have to be covered with our income. So it is not as easy as it was 8 years ago when we started shooting Maleficarum. We made three films then, back to back, with very little cash. It’s different now.

Read more of Maleficarum II - The Hard Costs at the Red Feline Club!

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