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I really like the bondage here

Oh, she's getting an education, all right

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1) frog 
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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 08:14 AM Permalink

(1) 25584) lionrobe I guess I misunderstood what you meant. As you know, their site has a preview page where the clip you are interested used to be. They change clips about twice a week, so the clips keep going down the line until they are no longer available. The same thing happens in the member’s area.

However, you have the alternative of purchasing the DVD which has all of the episodes of Laura on the Horse, which is the clip I think you are interested in. If I am not mistaken, however, you have to become a member to purchase the DVDs.

25581) toxicmask wrote: “Especially her feet look so beautiful up there.” You are absolutely right. In fact, I am left wondering why I did not mention that in my review of Episode 2, footman that I am. Yes, her feet are part of the attraction, particularly since she is forced to be on tiptoes all the time because of the small space allowed her to rest her feet. This must have been part of her painful ordeal as anyone who has stood or tried to stand on tiptoe for long knows. I am glad you liked the review and the pic.

25576) Ralphus Great clip. Shades of Fair Game? It would have made a killer combination if she were tied to the rig like Cassandra Delaney in Fair Game.

Thanks for your help with the review of Episode 2.

25573) _blu So Sad! You chose a great pic of her.
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