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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 07:27 AM Permalink

Dungeon witches (
of “Laura on the Cross / Laura am Kreuz”
Episodes 1 (13:33) and 2 (11:06)

Episode 2 Laura on the cross

Episode 2 starts with Laura already affixed to the cross, her body illuminated by the afternoon light as she waits for her torment to continue. It is a pity that we do not get to see how she is tied to the cross and then lifted off the ground, since this is one of the most exciting parts of any crucifixion. My guess is that there is not enough man power to carry out this task; although this might have been solved by tying her to the patibulum and then hoisting her up until the patibulum rested and was affixed to the vertical timber. Also, the cross is not free standing and is, as already mentioned, tied to a tree. The rest of the episode, however, makes up for these shortcomings.

The flogging commences about the half minute mark and continues until 2:00, during which time Laura receives 35 strokes mostly to her breasts (that bounce beautifully), but also to her belly and thighs. The executioner then stops and orders that her ankles be tied to the cross.

After this brief respite, the whip licks Laura’s flesh again and she starts to piss after receiving three strokes. This elicits outraged comments from the Inquisitors whom I assume, among other things, accuse her of having no shame. While she pisses she receives 18 more strokes, which leave her sobbing and gazing at her breasts as the executioner pauses to soak the whip in a bucket of water.

Judging by the sound, the wet whip strikes Laura with more force and bright red stripes start to show on her breasts. The executioner pauses to wet the leather strands again, while Laura pants and moans. No sooner has he finished, when he is at her again with 12 more strokes. This last punishment leaves her seriously panting and gasping while her tormentor stops to fetch another torture implement.

The man approaches her with a hook that seems to be made out of bone or horn and is attached to a wooden staff. He scratches her left breast with the hook and then torments her nipple, repeating the procedure on her other breast. Laura emotes beautifully and arches her back so that only her shoulders and buttocks are touching the cross. Her belly and thighs are also scratched and, finally, the hook is inserted in her pussy. She screams beautifully and arches her back. There is a close-up of her mound that rises as the hook moves inside her.

Finally the executioner stops and asks for a sponge and water. He soaks the sponge that is attached to the tip of a pole and rubs her face and breasts with it. This feels more like humiliation than pity on her thirst. Laura is not allowed to rest for too long. The executioner sets the sponge aside and, after soaking the whip again, commences another round of flogging which will last for 19 strokes with a brief pause during which Laura tries to catch her breath. 23 more methodical strokes follow. The hellish strands land on her breasts, her belly, her thighs, and legs as her torso separates from the cross like a billowing sail. The executioner takes this opportunity to strike her flanks, back and buttocks.

At this point, the executioner stops the torment and fetches the sponge again. This second sponge scene shows Laura’s acting skills at their best, the way she turns her head to avidly receive the little trickle of water that will be allotted her, the way she moans, and moves her body is truly exciting.

The episode closes with the executioner once again scratching her torso, thighs, and legs with the hook as her legs tremble from the strain of having to hang on the cross while being whipped and tortured for eleven minutes.

Hopefully, episode 3 will continue with her on the cross. I grade this episode A-

Just to illustrate what I meant by Laura’s acting I include a gif of the second sponge scene:

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