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I really like the bondage here

Oh, she's getting an education, all right

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1) JohnM 
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 01:48 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

25555) Pepperoni said:

@JohnM I see, yeah I know you've done plenty of them before, I have probably bought most of them. Just that I noticed there was shift in the kind of videos you've released these days, I see less and less of the hardcore torture videos (like the Deadly Interrogation series) which were my favourites.

But I guess its due to the lack of custom requests for that genre also.

Well, I have a couple customers that are responsible for a majority of those customs. Right now, they are waiting for us to move into our new studio so we can set up our torture room as well as have more variety of shoot locations. So, yeah, it has been several months since I have done one.

But, there are several awesome ones you may have missed like:

"Fatal Consequence" with Shavelle Love


"Nanny Interview 5" with Emma Scarlett

And be sure to check out the "Fatal Knowledge" series

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