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1) Pedro 
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 11:06 AM Permalink

Ibbius: I hope this weekend...

lionrobe wrote : Sorry, I'm unable to find how to buy the clip I join inside the others ? Have you a link ?

I spent a few hours on this without success. Only those read on who are interested in the technical difficulties of purchasing at this site (which is not necessarily the fault of the owners I stress out!!)

First I joined the site... at least tried, but I had to realize that the payment processor accepts only VISA. Which is quite popular in the US I know but here in Europe not so much. For some reason all of my cards are Mastercard. And I assume Mastercard was not happy with the content, so the site cannot accept Mastercard.

Finally I figured out that I have a virtual VISA card which can be topped up with bitcoin. OK, I topped it up (another 30 minutes) but the payment was declined. I contacted CCBill the processor... the card is not issued in the same country as my IP (and my address) so they declined the transaction as a possible fraud attempt. Now they understand the situation, and after careful consideration... they decline it anyway...

But there are alternate payment methods on the site, so I didn't give up. There's the SEPA method. SEPA is a European wire transfer method. I needed to fill in my bank account number, and I got a membership. TADAM! I don't know how the hell it works... will they deduct the membership fee from my bankaccount know that they know my IBAN number??? I thought they would expect me to wire the membership amount, and based on the IBAN number I gave they will be able to connect it with my membership...
Anyway, I could login to the membership site. There are a lot of material, but soon I realized that the one I was looking for (Laura on the Cross) is a ticket - movie, which means I have to buy additional ticket....

SO HERE IS THE SOLUTION LIONROBE FOR YOUR PROBLEM : You need to be a membership and then an additional ticket. If you have a VISA card, probably you will be able to do it quite swiftly...

OK, I was reaching out to my credit card... I mean... no that wouldn't work. And there's no SEPA solution here either...
But they provide bitcoin payment... I have bitcoins, so here I go... The problem is their bitcoin payment provider uses a few year old Bitcoin value, because contrary to the price I had to pay (about 20-30 USD) the bitcoin amount was around 90 USD, which seems to be a little overpriced for the video...
And here I gave up...

That's the stupid situation when the customer tries to spend his money, even investing a lot of time and effort still he cannot do it...

I hope this post was not so boring for those few who read it through the end...
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