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1) D. Santorum 
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Monday, 16 April 2018 02:49 PM Permalink

Seeing breasts whipped directly, while I can appreciate it at times, isn't a big a thing for me. However, I do feel the breasts have an important role to play in most any good whipping. For me that role is in the reaction to the whip. I simply love to see them dance when the victim jerks and twists her body from the pain.


Akhenaton - I too want to thank you for The Dossier scene. It's a pretty darned good scene for something that streams at Amazon. As someone else noted, the actress (Amelia J. Rutherford/Ariel Anderson) has been a big name in the spanking and light bondage communities for several years. I'm familiar with a lot of her stuff, but I can't say I've seen her in an AOH whipping scene before.


King Diocletian - I decided to poke around in the story section yesterday for the first time in a good while. I remembered liking a story you put up two or three years ago, so I decided to take a look at something more recent. And so I discovered your story "In the Churchyard." A public flogging described in such rich visual detail that it was almost like watching a movie. Your writing really is astounding. A couple of my favorite passages:

As the soldiers fastened her wrists she stared straight ahead. The yard was oddly quiet, as though everybody was awed by the vision she offered. It wasn't just her beauty; it was the sense of purity, everything white and pale pink but for the darkness of her hair. They tightened the chains, pulling her arms out taut. She raised her head slightly, her jaw jutting defiantly.
Her head stayed down for several seconds but, to my surprise she raised it again before the eighth lash, which slapped with tremendous power across the centre part of her back. Her head flew back, her breast bounced and for a moment she was frozen staring at the sky, back arched, teeth set in a grimace through which she finally emitted a moan of agony. It took her longer to regain her composure and the weaker she looked the more the crowds jeered.
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