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(1) 24926 - Favorite Moments

Quoom said:. My personal favorite moment: the second where she realizes that there is no way out and no annoying hero is in sight to save her from the coming torture :)

Indeed... I did an entire list on this forum of such moments - when an effective gag is inserted... the first realization that she’s shackled to a chair upon waking up after the chloroform wears off and the look of surprised panic as she pulls at the restraints... the click of the cuffs as they secure her wrists behind her... the first slap that jolts her into the reality of her situation... the cattle prod’s crack as it contacts her belly for the first time, and the ensuing surprised scream as she finds out it’s far worse than she expected... the eyes going wide as the GIMP’s younger sister is led in for torture... the first tears rolling down the cheeks... a blouse being ripped open to reveal a sexy rack and hearing her gasp of fear...

I can watch an hour-plus scene and enjoy all of it, but often it comes down to just a few seconds where the magic comes together. The best of the best involves the reinforcement of total helplessness, and the realization of the degree of suffering that is to come, combined with a beautiful victim who can convey the realism that we crave.
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