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1) Ralphus 
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Sunday, 15 April 2018 11:31 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Checking in...

I went back to work full time this past week so I may not be as active a participant as I'd like, but I still find time to read the forum almost every day. And of course, I'll still be around every night at midnight to change the daily picture and to play quizmaster host on Tuesdays. Sometimes real life gets in the way of fun stuff, though.

Lots of interesting stuff being posted here lately.

24856) D. Santorum: Congratulations on your latest custom. I checked out Chrissy Marie's website and bought some clips. She's definitely easy on the eyes. I like her. Pretty face, no tats, natural breasts, cute, girl-next-door persona. And bonus, she's a Smokin' Babe. I'm curious to see how "intense" this parrot's perch scene is, since I know you have a taste for a bit harder-edged material, like me. Generally, the prettier the girl, the less she'll allow to have done to her. In doing a search for "torture" on her site, about the hardest thing she does is breast bondage and nipple clamps. So that seems to eliminate whipping, any kind of sexual stuff or even simulated electro-shock. Plus the clips I bought didn't exactly feature realistic acting or plots, but then not every company can be like ZFX.


BTW, on a related issue, did anybody ever hear more about that Casey Calvert crux video? That picture Mipo posted was a tease, since he never gave as any real info about it other than tell us to contact her.


Blu: That scene from Terrifier might just be the best scene I've seen all year. I don't recall seeing actual sawing (as opposed to a buzzsaw) ever being done in that fashion on film. Already a classic scene in my book. Funny as hell and totally entertaining, with the selfie at the end being the crowning touch. I saw both the original 20 minute short film and the remake, both of which are really good. I've never seen the Stephen King movie It, but I doubt Pennywise was any creepier than Art the Clown. Plus that lead babe in the second movie really rung my bell. Once again, casting, casting, casting. Too bad she meets her end too soon.


24897) Navyrotor wrote:

Thanks for the image of the “cutie.” That, of course, is Kristine Kahill. She hasn’t done much, but her Infernal work is fantastic. Love that amazing face, and tight little body... just made for suffering.

Yeah, very cute. Just the way I like 'em. I could even overlook that little tattoo by her navel. Looks like she's already out the porn biz, typical of most actresses. They come and go so quickly and few ever stick around.


24898) Navyrotor: If you like Hazel, the GIMP Reviews section has 4 of her clips reviewed by John Galt. He definitely liked her too.


24901) Lionrobe: What are all those links? Are they off your personal hard drive? I don't know how to view any of them.


24906) A Canadian: It's the end of an era now that you're ending the annual Year in Review posts. Together we did 13 years in a row and while the Ralphus Awards probably got more attention, your posts were a very entertaining read. In fact, you were the one that inspired me to come up with my own version. I always liked the idea of getting the GIMP perspective from two different points of view, aka Siskel vs Ebert, or in our case, the Rape Guy vs the Torture Guy. I was, of course, always right, but that one year when we both picked the same movie as our best of the year, you at least tied me then. In one category. Hey, better than nothing, right?
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