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Sunday, 15 April 2018 08:32 PM Permalink

Ch-ch-ch-changes: I didn't get a chance to say much about the recent anniversary celebrations -- other than to congratulate Lisa Kinkaid on her induction into the GIMP Hall of Fame -- as I was headed to Florida in the early hours of the official anniversary day (and, boy, how I wish I was there now).

But I do have one other item of business to announce as the forum begins its 20th year.

As regular readers know, every December for a number of years now, I have posted a year-in-review roundup of my favorite films and highlights of the year. It's sort of like the GIMP version of a red-carpets show that comes just before the unveiling of the annual Ralphus Awards.

I started the year in review back in the days when ZFX and the Japanese porn producers were creating films that I really liked.

But times have changed and there isn't much being produced these days that caters to my admittedly finicky tastes. As a result, I think the year-in-review listing has morphed into an annual diatribe of disappointment that's getting a bit stale.

Thus, I have decided to bring it to an end.

I had thought about posting an open call to see if anyone else would want to take it on. But then I thought it may be time to replace it with something better.

I'm thinking it might make more sense to encourage everyone on the forum who's posting at that time of the year to name his/her favorite film or films, clips, etc. That might provide a broader range of recommendations than a single-source ranking from my admittedly narrow range of interests.

I think that would be a good replacement. But I'm curious to hear what others think of the idea.
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