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1) Ed 
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Sunday, 15 April 2018 06:29 PM Permalink

lionrobe: Ed, you have some nazi stories including brutal breast tortures in BDSM Library :

Thanks, I'll check the place out.

A few years ago I got a wild hair and started--well, I can't call it a story as it had no plot and no conclusion, just a situation, a secret Nazi castle dedicated to the torture of young women, all disposable, for nothing more than the sadistic pleasure of the commanding officer and visiting high ranking Nazis. The general title was Schloss Folter. There were separate rooms with a different theme and devices. Doing it this way was pure laziness on my part. I wanted the scenes, medieval, medical, etc, but not the need to have a plot, so it's just one torture after another with new victims added as the whim took me. About three years ago, GIMP had an informal Nazi Week and I sent three installments to Ralphus which are here in Fiction. I think there are about 75 pages here, but I had 190 written when the urge left and I stopped. I only sent in the 3 segments because it was also a royal pain going through and formatting it for html, something I hadn't done in the initial burst of creating. Ralphus did the first out of kindness, but I couldn't blame him for having me do the rest. So Nazi Week ended and there are those three here.

It's not what I would call high quality writing like that of some of the better writers here, laughable dialog and the "AAARRRRGGGG!"s I was fond of using then. Really just indulging my imagination. Some I tortured to death, which wasn't usual for me, and some were Playmates from my youth I kept around for repeat performances. Some of the scenarios were repeated somewhat in my four standalone works. It was fun at the time. I've been working on a different story since, but I'm trying to make the prose better and that is harder and takes longer.
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