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1) Ralphus 
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Thursday, 14 September 2017 01:04 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) A Canadian wrote:

One of the things that is a turnoff for me is films that show actual (i.e., not simulated) whippings and other tortures...Fans of this stuff can defend the ethics of it, because the women who appear in them have consented. But to me, that is a second strike against such movies. They are showing actual harm, which I don't want to see, in a consensual setting that I also don't want to see.

I totally understand your point of a degree. If you're talking about super harsh whipping movies like the kind that ElitePain/Mood Pictures put out, as an example, those are not for everyone. Where the girls are covered in bloody whip marks and it's obvious they were not simulated...sometimes that's pretty gross as opposed to erotic. It all comes down to what you can stomach, and it's not going to be a turn-on for everyone. And I agree, the consensual tone of those movies usually set the wrong mood for me, too.

However, you realize every bondage film you watch has consenting performers, right? I know you're a big fan of JAV cinema, and some if not a majority of those Japanese films contain whipping scenes. You gave high grades to Attackers JB-79 and JB-103, for instance, both excellent productions that feature some pretty brutal whipping scenes dished out by Randa Mai, and I can guarantee you those were NOT simulated. In fact, I don't recall any of the Attackers movies being faked at all, which is why they are some of the greatest bondage films ever made, period. The plotlines were nonconsensual but the girls were still consenting, and really being tortured, too. They were getting hurt, and probably left the set with scars that stayed on their bodies for an indefinite time afterward.

I know you're a rape guy as opposed to a torture guy, and that's okay, but you can still appreciate a good torture scene when it's well done. The thing is, most bondage vids with whipping are not simulated like what ZFX does. You can say that the Red Feline movies are simulated, too, although they spruce theirs up with enough red paint that even though the girls are being whipped for real, with the bloody marks they give away their hand so that it's obviously been enhanced. Other companies whip their girls and the whipping...and the marks...are totally real. I like those films, too. It just depends on your feeling about whipping. But even in the simulated ones, the women are still being struck and probably hurt. So where do you draw the line?
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