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This forum is devoted to discussion of extreme bondage video,
emphasizing the fantasy aspects of extreme bondage.

We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

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(1) Catching up on a few previous posts...

Frog wrote: (post 20631)

The horse is a particularly enticing instrument. The scene is from The witch under duress is Laura...They have two episodes of her riding the horse. I am working on a review (my first). These German producers have realistic implements most of the time. Like the horse in question, it looks like a mean wooden pony, not like the flimsy ones that are seen (mostly two plywood panels joined together at a 45o angle.) Notice how this one offers no support for the GIMP’s legs so the edge must really sink into her genitals and anus.

I checked out DungeonWitches website and was very impressed with what you said about the horse. They have a couple trailers there, "Laura pain-ride on the wooden horse 1 and 2" and the footage looked damn good. Attractive woman, large natural tits, and in the positions they had her in, she appeared to really be suffering.

Then I checked out another trailer with her in it. "Laura's night in the pit of disgrace". She's got a big fricken tattoo on her side! Fortunately, the producers had the good sense to film her from the other side most of the time, but why not cover it up completely? Just boggles the mind. These are Inquisition type movies they're making, and yet they give themselves away by allowing that to be seen.

BTW, let me know if you need any help making caps for your review. I'm definitely interested in hearing what you have to say about these.


yyy wrote: (post 20640)

May I please add to my "dislikes" in GIMP entertainment: medical restraints, loose restraints of any type, shibari, and scat. Though I think scat really belongs in fetish of a not-GIMP nature.

I dunno. Forcing a girl to eat shit is disgusting, to be sure, but that's WHY it makes a good torture. If you're disgusted with the concept, imagine how it must be for her to be tied down and force-fed the stuff. It gets a thumbs up for me.


Klingsor wrote: (post 20645)

I do not like porn in gimp-scenes.

Torture her, but do not fuck her .... she might like it ... and gimp is over😩

Once again, I disagree. If she's truly being raped, most women are not gonna like it, despite that the fact that for a lot of women, being raped is their fantasy. Because they fantasize about being "taken" by a stranger, preferably someone they're attracted to. But you get some ugly fat fuck to rape her and she's definitely not going to enjoy it.

In fact, I might make the statement that rape is the number one reason for bondage itself, when you get right down to it. It's all about sex.


Petelobo wrote: (post 20647)

Dead or maimed is no longer peril. I get it that some percentage of us like to watch the desperate final agonies of a woman being choked, burned at the stake, hung, shot, debreasted, disemboweled or whatever, but these are all endgames. No recovery, no more play, no chance (for the gimp) of getting away or changing the outcome. DG's (dead girls) are not GIMP's.

Correct, they're no longer GIMP's when they die. However, the foreplay to some of those deaths...and I love delicious. Maybe not shooting, which is over way too quickly, but hanging, choking, and especially burning at the stake provides a form of painful distress where the victim knows the end is near, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. The actual death simply provides the orgasm of the scenario.


Margot wrote:

There was a comment a while ago, something about a frame that had some kind of problem... A FRAME! There are 24 frames in each second of the film. There are 60 seconds in every minute of the film, there are 96 minutes in the entire film ... and if we count the hours of footage... you get my meaning. Each picture I post is ONE perfect frame of the 138,240 frames the film has... I saw that ONE frame with the problem, after it was discussed here. It took me a while to find it.

Not to nitpick, but it was actually TWO frames, not one, and it was obvious enough that, while watching casually, I was startled and immediately went back to rewind the DVD to make sure I wasn't seeing things. It was sloppy editing, is what it was, and should have been caught by the filmmakers.


Covers: Glad to see you survived the storm. Welcome back.


Kelderek: Awesome render, my friend! I love the work that you create.
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