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Sunday, 10 September 2017 04:16 PM Permalink

Hey Pedro, are you still reading here? Will there be more episodes with the new Wheel of Pain?

Have you ever considered to combine the Wheel of Pain with the older game Battling Doubles? The game where two pairs of girls compete and get money for answering the questions and get punished when they answer incorrectly or not at all. The point in that game was that the team that quits first does not get any money but the other team gets all. So they are motivated to go on.

You could do it like this. Each time that a pair of girls cannot answer a question correctly one of the girls have to spin the wheel and do the punishment. Here that girl that officially answers the question is the one that has to take the punishment. The rule should be that that girl has then to do the punishment in any case and cannot quit. A team can only quit when they are asked if they want to go one for the next question. After they have accepted a next round they must answer the question and one girl has to endure the punishment if they cannot answer. Then they should be more encouraged to go on for the next round because maybe they are lucky and can answer correctly and if not there is the chance that the punishment is a lighter one.

I also have another idea for the Wheel of Pain. Three (or more) girls compete against each other who can take the most rounds. The girl that takes the fewest rounds loses and gets no money, but a severe extra punishment (such as enduring the complete wheel or having to do as many more rounds as the winner has endured. The money from the loser goes on to the winner which is the girl that has endured the most rounds. The important point here is that the girls play seperately and have no contact with each other during the game so that they dont know if the other girls are still in the game. Then the moderater can talk them into doing more rounds even when they are about to quit arguing that the other girls are certainly very competitive to win because of the punishment and the money and to make sure not to be the one that loses the girl should go on. And of course the girls are not allowed to quit during one punishment and the loser cannot quit the final punishment at all.

What do you think about these suggestions? I am aware that it could be difficult to find girls that risk that but maybe...
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