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1) boccaccio 
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Sunday, 13 August 2017 08:52 AM Permalink

re Ripper Bruce 20310

"Boccaccio: By Hitler banning Jews from marrying Goyim he was actually carrying out the Rabbinical laws

(Deut. 7:3): "You shall not marry them (the gentiles, about which the Bible speaks in the previous verses), you shall not give your daughter to their son and you shall not take his daughter for your son."

The Talmud (Yevamot 23a) "In the event that your son will marry their daughter, her children are no longer considered your children, but her children. They are not considered Jewish."

That's very true. But you are over-looking the fact that a great many Jews then as now (just like a great many Christians, then as now) observe those biblical teachings that are convenient. The reality is that in the Weimar years (1918-1933) there had been a strong trend toward intermarriage in Germany, as in other countries. The response to the horrors of WW I was a breakdown in previously accepted cultural norms. That's why the Twenties "roared".

In free societies people are free to make their own choices about whom to marry without having to worry about some bureaucrat quoting them a verse of what he/or she considers scripture.


"Boccaccio says "In 1935....the laws called for a national boycott of Jewish businesses" Jews did a worldwide Boycott of German goods in 1933,"

It is true that many American Jews attended rallies calling for a boycott of German products in 1933. What you neglect to mention is that those reallies were in response to "Following Adolf Hitler's appointment as German Chancellor in January 1933, an organized campaign of violence and boycotting which was undertaken by Hitler's Nazi Party against the Jews of Germany" {Wikipedia}

The attempted boycott was opposed by some in the Jewish community in the US, for fear that it would only intensify the ongoing Nazi outrages against their brethren in Germany. Sadly, they turned out to be right. Hitler and Goebbels held up the ineffective boycott as an example of how the Jews of the world were trying to undermine the sacred Fatherland and they proceeded to double down on the outrages against Jews and other leftists.
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