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Saturday, 12 August 2017 10:19 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) *Sigh* Here we go again ...

PL said Warning: Zippy.share does have ransom ware linked !

I had this conversation for years. Zippy, like virtually all free hosters have unreputable ads providers. The solution is an ad-blocker, like going to MENU, select extensions, add extensions, then look for Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin, among the most popular filters. That's for Google Chrome users. Other browsers have their own way of installing ad-blocking software, do a bit of research.

Only click on the fat yellow button called DOWNLOAD. Close any other pages that might pop-up. Based on feedback, most of the people here got it working. I tried for a while to use a different free host but they all came with limitations and adware .At the popular request I went back to Zippy that does't have wait time, cooldown time or shitty transfer limits. Just do a bit of tinkering and you'd be fine.

@Ripper Bruce, you look like a hardcore antisemitic shield of the civilization. I think people like you are very similar to the religious ones. They have easy answers no matter what it's debated. Your list of arguments is the second solution of the dilemma. "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." Hanna Arendt was having an agenda? smile In the '60s Germans as a whole were seen like sadistic, deranged henchmen of Hitler. It was miss Arendt who brought back humanity in the perception of the Germans, basically saying the world "Don't be so smug, under certain conditioning you'd be just like them". She did more for the moral recovery of that traumatized post-war collective psycho than any other writer I've read.

I feel that mentioning Brecht would help so here it is. Bertolt Brecht, bitches!

Rory said Thanks for the zipy updates but I forgot the password.

Very few files left pass-protected. It's

Rory said Also I have trouble finding the newest files. Sort by date does not seem to come up with the latest files as shown by upload if you look at the first or last page

On the upper right-side of main menu. If you click it again, change from descending to ascending.
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