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We do not condone sexual violence in any way.

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1) Fritz 
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Sunday, 19 March 2017 08:58 PM Permalink

Hall of Fame:  What exactly are we nominating to this illustrious new venue? Movies, art and books? Individual scenes? Characters? Creators? Performers? Anything and everything?

And what are the selection criteria? Personal impact? Landmark productions? Lasting influence on the community? Groundbreakers? All of the above?

Based on the posted submissions, it looks like everyone is choosing at will. Perhaps that's the idea, but it will make for a conflicting and eratic roll of inductees – especially if this becomes a list of subjective favorites rather than one based on merit or significance. To me, a hall of fame represents individuals who command broad and well-established respect across their domain of proficiency. I expect to see The Stones enshrined in Cleveland, not The Knack.

To bring some consistency to my own GIMP HoF choices, I've taken some pages from the existing rock & roll and baseball analogues to narrow my selections according to the following criteria. I am nominating …
  • only real people from across the GIMP spectrum (artists, writers, directors, actresses, producers) not specific creations or accomplishments (films, books, characters, performances).

  • based on the candidate's collected achievements in the GIMP sphere, not just one piece of work, no matter how notorious or admired it may be.

  • based on the candidate's level of impact, influence and innovation, not just his or her popularity or trendiness.

  • based on the context of a candidate's era (i.e., who was considered revolutionary and bold sixty years ago likely would bore even E.L. James today).

  • based on both quality and quantity of output.

  • based on the candidate's legacy in today's GIMP community.

  • and perhaps most importantly, based as much as possible on my objective assessment of the nominees, not my own personal preference regarding their work.
Of course, many will choose (and apparently have chosen) their own unique benchmarks. And Ralphus may well insist I've got it all wrong. But for now, just to make my job a bit easier, this is my template.
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