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1) King Diocletian 
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Saturday, 18 March 2017 06:25 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Osouk - great story. Really like the concept of somebody going through it again. And that moment when Alvarez tells her to take off her clothes is masterful - the realisation that she is in their power and it will be as bad as last time....

As for the hall of fame, we're nominating individuals? So, for artists Quoom and Arcas, who have already been mentioned. SkatingJesus and Slanece I like a lot as well. And from the past, Archimboldo.

Mainstream actresses (is that a category?): Natalie Portman with V for Vendetta and Goya's Ghosts, plus a little bit in Cold Mountain and even is it the second Star Wars with the bit in the arena? As for other mainstream scenes, Jennifer Garner did a fair bit in Alias, Olga Kuryloenko's bit in Hitman is brief but excellent, Ana de Armas in Hispania, and I don't know who the actresses are but the scenes in Die Wanderhure and One Russian Summer both work for me.

As for more specialist productions, two actresses stand out. Katerina Tetova (later Schubertova) who was in a lot of Lupus films has a great body and sells the humiliation well before being beaten. And from Pedro's work Victoria Young (a pseudonym I assume) who is stunning and seems able to take a phenomenal amount of punishment: South American Vacation is my favorite but also The Maid and Inmates.
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